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  •  And rigid frame spacing, it is only from the Angle of the total steel quantity at least to calculate frame span usually be determined by the use requirement, the amount of steel (including time structure Angle), there is no bridge crane and suspension crane, the frame of steel between span is about 21-24 m, more than 36 m not economy when a bridge crane, its steel span roughly between 24 to 30 m.̈́g࣬ǃHĿٵĽǶȁӋ ܵĿͨʹҪ_νYڃȵĽǶȣԣoʽ܇͑Ғ܇rܵ䓿ȼs21-24m֮g36mͲˮИʽ܇r䓿ȴ24-30m֮gИʽ܇rĽ䓿ȷ춟oʽ܇rĽ䓿ȣҪ܇Yc܇ռıS䓼ܿȵӶp٣Q֮YڿռSܿӶp١


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  • \]БҒdҒdڙ_lϣølӱH䓡ølpH䓙_løʽ_lr75hhhh.com,ҹҹߣͼƬ,صռg12m15m˕rȉO


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  • ܵĿȺmg߀Ҫ]ҼЩӰTʽp䓽YݵأҼǻAӰ푣TʽAcOӋĹrƫģAرP^ߴ AĔrr^Ӱ푣Ҽf9mĄg6mĄgpٻAThe span of frame and suitable spacing also need to consider some other influence factors of portal rigid frame light steel structure housing: one is the base number, the influence of the characteristics of portal rigid frame column is the design of its control condition is big more eccentric, sites need larger size and basis of quantity and cost of the entire project cost has a great influence, one kind is 9 m frame spacing than 6 m frame spacing will greatly reduce the basis of quantities,ǹڵӰ푣g75hhhh.com,ҹҹߣͼƬ,صռǔp٣춽\ݔMápٵbͿsʩڣAĜpҲ춿s̹ڣ춘Iǰ߀JM@\I


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